5 Facebook Marketing Myths

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Avoiding mistakes on Facebook.

Myth #1: More posts equals more likes
Although consistent posting is important (all social algorithms reward volume), what matters more is the success of your effort to provide actual value – not just volume – to your followers and fans. Be thoughtful. Be careful. As a brand or branded individual, success means sending out interesting, authentic, relevant content on a regular basis.

Myth #2: Everyone sees my posts
Once upon a time, this statement might have been true. Facebook has massively reduced the “organic reach” of brands to encourage more use of its advertising platform. Only 1 percent of their fans will see any of their posts unless they’re “boosted” (paid for). That’s today’s reality, and you’re going to have work in within it if you want to build a sustainable presence on Facebook.

Myth #3: Set it and forget it
Social media networks thrive on actual human activity. Don’t make the mistake of believing that you can “set and forget” your Facebook presence. You should strive to be one of those “very responsive” brands to earn maximum trust and traffic: consider it an official Facebook “seal of approval” for your efforts.

Myth #4: Build it and they will come
Facebook is a marketing channel and you’ll need to work to integrate it with any other marketing channels you’re using. Once your page is launched, its URL needs to be listed in all of your marketing materials, linked to from your website, and installed in your email template. The most successful businesses are the ones that best integrate their social channels with their pre-existing marketing channels, creating a seamless experience among them — the result is a much faster-growing fan base.

Myth #5: Engage! It’s social media
Ok that’s not a myth. In fact, it’s a MUST DO. Social media thrives on community and two-way conversations. To create any kind of high quality, authentic dialogue, you must ENGAGE with your audience.
Need more incentive to regularly engage? It comes directly from Facebook, because when you engage with one of your posts, the post is redisplayed in the news feed — both for your own followers and the feed of the person with whom you’re engaging. When it goes back into the feed like this, it means more eyeballs will be on your post, with potential for greater reach and “virality.” This means FREE marketing.

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