6 Tips to Build Your 6-Second Audience on Vine

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The social platform known as Vine may only have launched in January 2013, but it’s already been bought by Twitter. As of August 2013, it has over 40 million registered users, and that number is growing.

Are you looking to effectively build a Vine following? You only have six seconds to engage people, so use these six tips to make each one count.

1. Tell a story.

The Vine audience literally wants to watch a story in the format of a short, six-second film. Make sure your concept encapsulates a crisp narrative.

2. Give it a twist.

The best Viner’s offer a twist in each of their stories. These twists aren’t obvious, and that’s precisely what makes them fun. So, create the unexpected, and your Vine will be watched.

3. Have a personality.

People like other people. This fact is what puts the social in social media. Want to be the star of your Vine show? Simply be your best self.

4. Make yourself relatable.

Warning: it can be easy to become unrelatable if you try too hard to have a personality. Strive to stay down-earth. Someone who is “real” not only feels relatable; that person will also quickly build an audience.

5. Innovate.

Create story lines that others haven’t. Fuse new ideas with innovative concepts. Cull creative situations. When you do, your stories will be compelling and engaging.

6. Use the tools and tricks.

Certain tools that Vine offers, such as Loops & Stop Motion, make Vine unique. Use them in your Vines.
And that’s how you put the Vine in divine.

Full article was originally published 9 October 2013 on SocialMediopolis

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