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In April 2016, Facebook rolled out Live Video capabilities to its billion-plus user base. Its aim was to make live video streaming as routine an activity as posting an update or sending a message.

We tell all of our clients, Facebook is really pushing this product on the backend so utilizing Facebook Live for your business will be more impactful than that of your daily content.

Facebook Live will be MORE impactful than your DAILY content, period.

Live video content hits all of the “hot buttons” around why social media is so special. Live video happens in “real time,” and its two-way nature makes it collaborative and fun.

Live Interaction
There is nothing like live interaction between someone and their audience. Many great brands on Facebook have garnered attention though authenticity, reliability and approachability. Social media is really like a party online — when you’re at a party, you’re available to converse with others. This is why the live feature is so exciting to your audience (and should be to you too).

How cool is it that you can broadcast out to all your followers with just an iPhone? Swipe, press, go live!

“Authenticity” has became a major buzzword of late. However, at the heart of it, social media originated from authentic, transparent conversation. In the same way, Live video is a tool whose end product doesn’t need to be overproduced; in fact it often works better when conventional production values aren’t observed.

Who’s using it?

Since releasing our book update, it has really picked up, since Facebook is pushing it we are seeing everything from Influencers, Personal Brands, Publishing and Brands take shape.

Many of these streams visible on Facebook’s Live Map page appear to be local transmissions between friends or family members. Commercial entities are embracing the format, either because the online gambling kind of business they’re in – or the kind of product they produce, is inherently interesting to watch live. Local radio stations and some media outlets have also jumped in. Production quality is from raw to polished. InStyle has a news desk set up that rivals that of a talk show.

While this is hardly a complete count, early commercial adopters of Facebook Live include:

-Radio stations (which are already on the air but lack a video feed)
-Tattoo parlors and barber shops (apparently, some people really like to watch hair being cut and skin being injected with ink in real time)
-Real estate agents (using live video to show properties to remote observers)
-Musicians and other “citizen self-branders.”

It’s possible, even likely, that these early adopters will be joined by other businesses for which livecasting can be a useful tool. For example, any businesses that want to get the word out about:

1. New product introductions, for example, via Q&A, a product demonstration, or live webinar
2. An important executive hire
3. A store opening
4. A trade show appearance
5. A live contest

Stuck for a good live event topic? Sometimes good clues can be found from examining your own content marketing efforts. Ask yourself what kind of content has performed best in the past. “How to” (tactical) content? Humorous content that plays up your own original take on your industry? Interviews with important people in your business niche? Obviously, the more you know about your past content performance, the more likely it is that a live video application in a similar vein will work for you.

What you need to know about doing your own livecasting

To go live all you need to do is open the Facebook Pages App on your phone, go to your page and hit the Live button. Write a compelling description of the content you are going to broadcast. The title should frame your talk, but shouldn’t limit it. Don’t worry if what the actual content of your livecast strays from your description: it’s OK if you go off topic – that’s what live video and being authentic is often about. However, we advise not to “bait & switch” by utilizing a catchy title and then not talking about it – or showing it — at all.

During your broadcast, you’ll see the number of viewers, the names of other verified people or Pages who are tuning in, and a real-time stream of comments. Engage with these people as much as possible: this is social media and for it to be truly social, it should be a two-way conversation.

When you end your broadcast, it will be saved and published on your Timeline so that fans who missed it can watch the video at a later time, although you have the option to delete it just like you can any other post.

People who like your Page can discover your live videos in News Feed and through notifications on Facebook. While watching a live video, people can also tap the Subscribe button to get notified the next time your Page goes live.

We have seen major results for our customers in people viewing Facebook Live. As we said before Facebook is pushing this product. Take advantage!

There are some specifics that will make a great live broadcast so you get noticed more regularly in future:

1. Tell people in advance you are going live
2. Make sure you have a strong wi-fi connection
3. Utilize an eye-catching title
4. Make sure your content is in alignment with your title
5. Engage with people that are engaging with you
6. Call out that fans can tap on the “Subscribe” button on live videos to get notifications whenever you are Live
7. Ask questions to provoke interaction
8. Thank everyone for joining

The best content on social media is authentic content but remember to be conscious of how you are providing value to your followers.

If you want to learn more about Facebook, our book Facebook Marketing Like I’m 5 is available on Amazon.

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