Facebook Marketing Like I’m 5

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It’s official: I wrote another book!

And just like that, Facebook Marketing Like I’m 5 is available today on Amazon for the special price of $1.99

Make no mistake; this is no ‘Facebook for dummies.’ We wrote ‘Facebook Marketing Like I’m 5” to serve as the ultimate social media training system for businesses and entrepreneurs who are smart beginners. They want results now and don’t want to wait months to get profitable on Facebook.

This is a practical book. The end product is an actionable roadmap for a total makeover of your Facebook business strategy, which will take you from zero to a Facebook marketing hero pronto.

‘Facebook Marketing Like I’m 5’ takes you through the strategic process of designing, building and maintaining an optimal Facebook business presence. You will also learn how to attract new customers, by building a magnetic Facebook community around your own unique brand of content. You’ll learn how to gather not just Likes – but the right kind of Likes – that can move your business ahead and bring you profits.
This book will show you how to:

– Choose the right Facebook settings for your business
– Use actionable worksheets and templates to develop and execute your Facebook marketing plan
– Choose which free marketing plugins, apps, and CTAs to use
– Optimize your Facebook profile and content
– Boost your organic engagement
– Identify the right advertising tools for your business
– Build targeted user profiles
– Use Facebook’s Ad Manager
– Attract fans to your content
– Get new Likes and convert them into leads
– Track and measure success
– Use Facebook Custom Audiences for hyper-targeting and remarketing
– Avoid common Facebook marketing mistakes and pitfalls

We want to make this book as easy to understand as possible so we included plenty of screenshots, templates, worksheets, and step-by-step instructions you can use while reading it. We know that Facebook marketing takes thought and work, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun while you’re doing it. Buy it now.

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