How Do I Get More Facebook Likes?

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Every time I sit down with a new prospect, one of the first questions I’m asked is, “How do I attract more “likes” on Facebook? The answer is, it’s not as complex as you might think.

First, commit to offering valuable content that will interest and engage potential customers and fans, and then utilize digital marketing tactics to incite them to like your page. Your type of business, along with your brand message, social media goals and page analytics will dictate how you pivot specific tactics.

Next, think about treating your Facebook business page just like you would your business website, with a couple of added social tricks of course. Voilà, the mystery is over!

What should I be talking about?

Your brand and topics related to your brand, of course!

Always provide valuable, timely and relevant content that speaks to your readers in an authentic brand voice.  Once you’ve got their attention, engage them in dialogue. Ask questions on your timeline that spark conversations others will want to join., And never forget the rule of thumb for brands on Facebook: When people comment on your page, reply! Think about it as it relates to communication IRL (In Real Life) — when a client or customer speaks to you face-to-face, you don’t choose to ignore that person. Instead, you engage them.

Pictures are also a great way to speak to fans in your “social” voice. Post brand images often! Tag members of your social media team, interns, and fans who might be in your photos, and use them to get a fun conversation started.

Should I advertise my page?

Yes! Advertising is a smart way to increase visibility. Facebook has an incredible platform through which you can market your page to users based on GEO, other brand page likes and even on their friendships with your current fans.

What is a promoted post?

The Facebook newsfeed delivers all of the stories you post right to the “home” pages your existing friends and subscribers. Promoted posts are those that appear higher in news feed, so there’s a better chance your audience will notice them. Because your fans already like you, promoted posts are best used to advertise special offers that you know they’ll appreciate.

How often should I post and are there any insider tips I should know?

Per Facebook Edgerank, a back-end algorithm that governs what’s displayed in your newsfeed  (and how high), you should be posting at least once per day —and four hours apart if more than that — in order to keep or increase your ranking.  For tips, use Facebook Insights to get familiar with information about your page’s performance and to learn what posts most interest your fans.  Insights also allows you to optimize your posting habits so that people share your posts and rave about you to their friends.

Let’s review the four steps to getting more likes.

1. Provide valuable content that’s consistent with your brand message and that engages

2. Advertise your page

3. Use promoted posts

4. Post often, guided by Facebook Insights

This article was originally published on the 6th of Feb, 2013 on SocialMediopolis

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