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Since Facebook changed its algorithm, business page exposure has tanked: Dropping from a 25% natural exposure rate per a post, to a really low 1-2% exposure.

In layman’s terms, that means that only one or two of all of the people who like your brand business page are likely to see your post… unless you pay to boost it.


Yes, this is true. If you react at all similarly to those with whom Social Diva Media partners, you’ll feel a tad outraged. I understand your reaction, of course, but here’s my usual reply in such a situation:

It’s not called for a reason. Facebook is a business. It’s allowed to make money as it sees fit. And, the personal user experience is still thriving.

To make this new algorithm reality work for you, I suggest a comprehensive marketing plan. As always, it needs to incorporate all relevant social media and build YOUR email list. Remember, you own email opt-ins. They are gold.

With all marketing plans, having a financial budget in place will help you hit targets. If your small business doesn’t have an ad budget, I suggest focusing on one of the other platforms that work for your end goals. (For more tips, read the social diva media blog.)

Lastly, remember content is king. Work on being authentic; have cool and creative content; and keep spreading your message on a regular basis. 

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