IMO: Pick Fewer Platforms

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Who has the time to update all social media platforms all the time? I don’t, and I am a social media expert!

For this reason, IMO I suggest you pick just a few social platforms and do them really well.

To get started, ask yourself these questions to narrow it down:

• Which platforms do I enjoy?
• Where is my target customer hanging out?
• Of those targeted platforms, which ones have the widest reach?
• How much posting support do I have? In other words, how often can my assistant help?

Let me give a real example.

The lifestyle brand is on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram because each platform is important for consumer facing brands. Also, I am #obsessed with Pinterest.

Professionally, I’ve got LinkedIn. Of course, I also have a Facebook personal page.

Meanwhile, is only linked to my Twitter handle because I already talk about social media on my Twitter handle. In other words, I’ve already got the audience primed. Social media simplified.

Less upkeep means more time for my clients. Voilà.

Wishing you #Abundance!

~ Peg

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