IMO: Treat Each Social Network As A Separate Channel

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Lately, when auditing potential clients’ social media profiles, I have frequently find that nearly 100% of their social communication aim to direct traffic to their website.

When I notice this behavior, I have three words of response:

No. No. No.

You need to think about social network as a separate channel, especially when considering your activity and conversations on Facebook and Twitter. People visit specific channels specifically because they want to be on it, and it alone. When you treat different channels in the same way, you ruin that experience and alienate people from your brand.

Plus, Facebook penalizes users for linking to other sites, so even if you do link to your website, only a few — if any — people will see it.

Yes! You definitely should use social media to drive traffic to your site, but not at the expense of your relationships. Instead, use your social platforms to engage your audience in unique ways that are relevant.

2 quick tips:

  1. I recommend maintaining a 3:1 ratio when linking to your site. In other words, link to your site only one of every four communications.
  2. Ask questions to engage your audience.
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