Instagram: 5 Ways to use it for Business

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If you don’t think Instagram is important for your business, think again.

The Facts:

  • 200 Million active monthly users
  • 18.5 billion photos shared in total
  • 1.65 billion likes and 60 million photos shared every day
  • 59% of major brands are using Instagram for their business
  • The average age group on Instagram is 18 to 29

Now that you’ve got the facts I’d love to add in that even though Instagram doesn’t “click through” to websites, we’ve had many clients obtain new clients though Instagram. Yes, that’s new clients, which translates to revenue.

How do you get noticed?

  1. High quality creative “instantaneous” photos:
    Instagram is a visual platform; make sure your pictures are interesting, in focus and have good lighting.
  2. Utilize hashtags in a relevant way:
    Don’t over hashtag! Keep your post to 2-3 relevant hashtags. Otherwise it looks sloppy and as though you’re desperate for followers.
  3. Regramming:
    Regram fan photos and relevant images. Doing this will increase fan engagement & photo diversity. Make sure you tag/credit the original post owners handle. (Tip: take a screen shot and then re-post as opposed to using the regram app. It’s far more visually appealing when looking at your overall brand story board).
  4. Use it to tell your story:
    Utilize your brand colors, be mindful of what your brand is about, and think about how you want to feature your brand visually.
  5. Engage:
    Like & comment on photos. When doing this, pick photos that will increase the voice and face value of your brand. This is SOCIAL media, so be social. You’ll get noticed.

These are 5 basic tips for growth, however like the other platforms (Facebook/Twitter) you need a professional strategy and plan. Part of that plan is consistency. Make sure you are posting 1-2 per day and spread them out a few hours (unless you are at a live event).

Bonus Secret Tip: Utilize a scheduler like to set up your content calendar, but make sure you leave room for spontaneity.

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Want to crack the code on how to make your Instagram work for you and more importantly your business?

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