Internet Week New York: You had to be there!

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I had the pleasure of speaking & emceeing at Internet Week New York this week. I was honored to meet and introduce this little nugget TOAST.

If you don’t know @ToastMeetsWorld you should know she is famous on Instagram. With a following of 249k that’s a lot of bark. Her parents not only show her cuteness, but she helps other rescue dogs like herself via social.

Do you want to know how YOU can make an impact on Instagram?

Want to crack the code on how to make your Instagram work for you and more importantly your business?

Let me show you how. I’ve just finished putting together an online course on how to build your brand profile & grow an authentic following.

In this special training, I’ll give you:

+Expert advice geared toward a strategy with purpose

+Proven tactics to promote growth

+Content & Examples

+Demystify Hashtags and how to use them

+Photo Tricks, how to take pictures like a pro

Let me help you grow your business with your authentic voice, you can make an impact on your goals though your Instagram following.

Are you ready?

Click here to see more.

I’m really excited to share with you what I’ve put together! #Woof

Founder of Social Diva Media


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