Is your business on Pinterest?

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Is your business on Pinterest?

Do you feel like you “should” do Pinterest?

On thing that comes up with all of the social media audits we work on are resources. Most companies whether it’s a solo entrepreneur to a multi-million dollar business with 100’s of thousands of followers have not set aside the resources to do social media to it’s fullest potential.

Let me remind you, Less is More.

If you are a home décor, weddings and fashion retail brands business then Pinterest should move up your priority list, because Pinterest Drives Revenue for these types of businesses. 80% of the users on Pinterest are women, don’t miss out on this audience.

Here are some Quick Tips to make sure you make your Pinterest effective (click to Tweet):

• Variety
• Eye Catching Images
• Links – Make SURE your photo link to the product page being described
• Searchable # Hashtags & descriptions

Don’t be afraid of posting too much on Pinterest, just have fun with it and make money!

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