Optimize your Business’ Social Media: Part 2

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Optimize your Business’ Social Media

Part 2: Twitter Basics

Last week on the blog, we discussed how we’re often asked for our best tips when it comes to Social Media for businesses. Before you start thinking of your big picture content marketing plan, ensure you have optimized your Social Media basics to set yourself up for a win.

This week, we put the spotlight on Twitter and how to ensure you make the best first impression. Twitter is currently leading the pack when it comes to real-time digital conversation and is most predominantly used on mobile. Therefore take these tips into careful consideration: 

  • Your ‘about’ section should be concise yet interesting. This platform is all about being succinct, so don’t elaborate. Make your point and be compelling.
  • Include hashtags in  your ‘about’ section. Ensure these hashtags are relevant to your brand and searchable. Also, to avoid potential PR fails, ensure you have researched exactly what the hashtag is referring to, if you are getting creative.
  • Ensure your header image and profile picture are cohesive with your other Social Media platforms. You want your digital image and voice to be consistent.
  • Because of the nature of this platform, use a link shortener to include long links such as bit.ly, bit.do or tiny url.

For more tips about Twitter, sign up for Social Diva Media School, containing up to date information, best practices and insider strategies on optimizing your brand’s social media http://bit.ly/sdmschool


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