Top 5 Mindfulness Experts To Follow on Twitter

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If you are on a spiritual entrepreneur journey like me, here are 5 top mindfulness experts to follow:

1. Mind: Marie Forleo is a kick-butt businesswoman, coach, and teacher. She helps people achieving their highest potential, often through business. It’s been critical to have a “right mind set” partner through various obstacles.

2. Food: Food Matters NYC a New York based healthy food delivery service that treats kitchen as pharmacy to create personalized healthy eating experiences with an emphasis on delicious, wholesome nutrition. Eating clean changes everything. Change your food, change your life.

3. Light: David Lynch Foundation teaches Transcendental Meditation or TM for short speak. TM is a mantra-based practice that is so easy and gentle. It is scientifically proven to help with many health problems.

4. Spirit: My soul sister Gabrielle Bernstein is a huge help to thousands in her mission to spread significant teachings, through A Course in Miracles, Kundalini Yoga and her own experience. Apply these teachings to life and business prospers.

5. Heart: Mastin Kipp author of Daily Love, this man is heart-centered and all love! He spreads such a powerful message, combining a milieu of teachings into very “right now” conversations. His teachings embody all of the work Mind, Body, Spirit, and Breath.

As a self-proclaimed urban hippy and spiritual woman warrior these are the experts to follow for ideas, guidance & self-transformation.

I’ll close with my current favorite mantra:

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