Wellness is Trending (Especially in NYC)

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It’s more dynamic now.

Original NYC juice bar Liquiteria is opening up two new stores and re-launched their site to include cleanses, online shopping for home delivery and coaches to help you though cleanses.

“Instead of a bank, a coffee shop, a pharmacy, or a fast food joint on every corner, there will be fresh, organic juice and raw food bars, we are proud to be part of that movement,” said Mark W. Wood, Liquiteria’s CEO.

Uptown, Dr. Richard Ash,  is helping people to re-alkaline by working from the inside out. His philosophy is to treat the problem, rather than throw prescription drugs at it. What’s more interesting about Dr. Ash is that he is an MD who has essentially traded in the normal doctor practices to help people cure their problems though diet, supplements and other forms of alternative treatments.  The Ash Center for Wellness in New York City has several therapists, including Maureen Dodd, Director of Spirituality and Energy Therapies, who works on spiritual mentoring, therapeutic bodywork, healing through energy, and hands-on and advanced Microcurrent; and  Francis Dunnery, Astrological Psychologist and medical astrology who uses Jungian psychology and astrology to create meaningful conversations in order to help people create breakthroughs and shifts in their lives. Dr. Ash’s wellness center is indicative of the trend towards internal medicine becoming internal wellness.

Types of conditions treated
at the Ash Center are autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, psoriasis, Colitis and multiple sclerosis. Many of these patients are usually placed on steroids and immunosuppressive medicine of which, many can get off or avoid by addressing the underlying causes, which is the Ash Center’s course of treatment.
 The Center also helps people to lose weight , reverse fatigue or insomnia, neutralize allergies, and helps patients suffering from inadequately treated thyroid problems, to patients avoiding joint or disc surgery through injection therapies designed to eliminate or significantly delay the need for surgery.

“My approach to improving someone’s health is to identify the root causes of their chronic symptoms and eliminate them as much as possible.
 Many of these causes can be due to the high consumptions of simple sugars, bioaccumulation of toxins such as pesticides, extensive consumption of processed foods, and the poor adaptationion to chronic stress.

The recent changes to improving ones health via juicing and eating high quality whole (preferably organic grown foods) I encourage, serve as a fuel for life. In such a way, one has the capacity to rebuild the body while helping it to repair the damage accumulated over time.
With the proper diet, the ideal vitamin, nutrient , mineral regimen people are able to turn their health around getting off medications which were merely serving as band aids masking symptoms then treating the actual disease process.
” said Dr. Ash.

New York resident Gabrielle Bernstein, a New York Times best selling author and social media darling, is helping young women and the community at large to shift their mental perception, thus leading to a more fulfilled and happy existence.  Ms. Bernstein keeps people wired to her message through her site, email, VLOGs, Live Stream, social media and her latest Spirit Junkie App, which features daily affirmations. like “The more I call on miracles, the more miracles I experience.” Ms. Bernstein has a massive following and is inspiring tens of thousands of people internationally to get healthy form the inside out.

“Spirituality is the new high-speed connection. People want to tap into their intuition to help them in all facets of their lives,” said Brooke Emery Spiritual entrepreneur Brooke Emery, founder of B. Unlimited Productions and executive producer of the film, “The Quest.”

Rewire Me, the latest site to launch, speaks about unlocking your mind. Founder Rose Caiola-Musacchia had a quantum shift while on a retreat. It helped her to change her perceptions and she wanted to share experiences so that others could do the same in their everyday lives.

“I have had a long, successful career in real estate. But for a very long time I have been studying alternative mind/body wellness, delving deeply into yoga, meditation, and neuroscience. I understand the changes we bring ourselves through actually rearrange the wiring in our brains, and that fascinates me. I have been transformed so many times and in so many ways along this journey that I felt inspired to bring the resources, traditions, and discoveries to others to help them to change their lives, too.”  says Caiola-Musacchia.

Mind, Body, Spirit is the trend. We are now mixing meditating, taking supplements, eating raw, vegan, high alkaline, and low yeast along with exercise like Surf Set Fitness, Soul Cycle and Kundalini Yoga.

“The population at large has finally connected the dots—that what you eat and drink makes a immense difference in how you feel and age” said Wood.

If this isn’t your present world view, it might seem like a lot of take on. But what New Yorker has time to be sick?

Originally published on AlleyWatch May 29th, 2013

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