What Madonna’s Coachella Stunt can Teach You

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Madonna sucks face with Drake at Coachella, more than ten years after the SAME stunt with Britney Spears at the VMAs in 2003.

Yesterday, music industry analyst and critic Bob Lefsetz, ripped Madonna apart for her desperate attempt at a publicity stunt.

The scathing article starts with:

It’s like having your aunt kiss you at the graduation party. You know, the creepy old one who wears too much makeup and winks at you when you’re in the kitchen.

He goes on to say:

I get it Madonna. There’s ageism in the music business. But you can’t complain about it if you don’t ACT your age. You’re acting like a twenty year old.

So it got us thinking, how many established and perhaps once very reputable brands, are attempting to infiltrate the social media landscape by utilizing out-dated marketing techniques? Here’s four of Lefsetz’ best quotes from the article and why you should apply them when reassessing your digital marketing strategy:

  • Once upon a time you were a leader, now you’re running after a train that has left the station when everybody else is taking Uber

After your laughter subsides, let’s think about this. Yes, you used to be a market leader, but now you’re chasing consumers, they can’t even hear you. You don’t have to re-create the wheel. Just be strategic in your approach and give customers content they would be interested in.

  • You want nothing to do with the public but you want it to have everything to do with you. Want people to care, get down into the pit with them!

This statement is digital marketing 101 wrapped up in a beautifully succinct package. When you’re number one, people come to you in droves. But when you have fallen complacent, you become irrelevant. The social landscape has changed since the 90s, obviously. The reason social media is so successful is because it is reciprocal. Want to resonate with your target consumer? Get amongst them. Talk to them, respond to them and engage with them. It isn’t rocket science.

  • Publicity is empty without a core product. Just look at tech. Hyped stuff dies every day. Actually, in tech you lead with the product. Which has to be honest and fulfilling for the user

Re-visit your product. Actually, go right back to your brand ethos. Is it honest and fulfilling? If you hadn’t noticed, the market place is jam-packed: supply has definitely outweighed demand. Stop racing for the dollar and establish genuine, emotional and compelling relationships with your customers. They resonate with you when they know you care.

  • So you’ll get ink for a day. No one will care tomorrow. And if anybody remembers, they’ll laugh at you

Although Madonna had a long, illustrious and successful career, this train-wreck stunt can only promise one thing: virality. Although going viral can be a good thing (and what some companies aim for), your best bet to stay afloat is a long-term strategy. Going viral for a moment won’t guarantee longevity in business success. It’s like being a one-hit wonder.

Read Bob Lefsetz’ article in full here: http://bit.ly/1CBQkwo


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