Do you know the difference between social media management & social media marketing?

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In the rounds of business, chatting to entrepreneurs and business owners, we often hear the following:

  • I know I need social media but I am not sure what I am doing…
  • I don’t have enough time for social media!
  • How come my following isn’t growing?

To execute an effective social media strategy, you need to employ management tasks AND marketing tactics – and here’s why:

‘Management’ involves the daily tasks that keep your social platforms interesting and worthy of engagement. First and foremost, make sure you are creating value for your target market.

Tip: Create a content calendar & schedule your content in advance. Your posting cadence could be at least once per day on Facebook and Instagram and about 3-5 tweets per day on Twitter. That’s a simple strategy. An effective social media manager manages your platforms including creating content, scheduling, tracking and engaging in conversations.

Do you know what Social Media Marketing is?

This is the fun stuff IMHO, where we utilize social media channels to provide even more value and conversations to followers. This can include tactics like brand influencer campaigns, Instagram takeovers, Twitter chats, Facebook Q&A or Facebook live broadcasts. These are great ways to amplify your conversation online and drive consumer engagement in an interesting way.

Finally, remember that social media is set up to be a two-way conversation, and partaking in a conversation with your following is an easy (and very effective) marketing strategy. Say what?

Yes, when engaging with followers on your social channels, it amplifies any given conversation to a wider audience, potentially picking up more followers.

Want to work with us?
We can help you devise an effective social media strategy – from training your team on all the best practices and insider secrets, to creating a customized content calendar to daily management and implementation. Whatever your needs are, we have packages to suit your budget.

Contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

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