Social Diva Media Recognized as a Top NYC Social Media Marketing Agency

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It goes without saying that a social media presence is indispensable to a business’ reputation in today’s market, but its ubiquity also demands strategies that are unique and recognizable to successfully engage an audience whose attention is constantly pulled in different directions. For this reason, while many digital agencies are adopting the ‘one-stop’ shop model, Social Diva Media stands apart by excelling at a select number of services and ensuring that we are always delivering impactful results. From creating a one of a kind social media campaign to finding the best influencer to promote a brand, Social Diva has vast experience in this niche. We’re excited that our innovative efforts have not gone unnoticed, as we have recently been recognized by Clutch, a B2B market research firm based in Washington, D.C. Specifically, in one of their regular press releases, Social Diva is honored to be highlighted alongside other high-achieving agencies as a Top New York Social Media Marketing Agency.


One of the defining features of the current digital age is instant feedback. Whether it’s a rating on Uber, a testimonial on Yelp, or a comment on Facebook, the market is highly consumer driven. Leveraging this trend for B2B purposes, Clutch is a platform that ranks and rates services and solutions companies, easing the process for the average buyer to identify their ideal provider. Social Diva was evaluated according to our clientele, work portfolio, and reputation in the industry.

In addition to the factors mentioned above, the reviews published to a company’s profile form the crux of the Clutch ranking process. Unlike a short statement or a star rating typical of other reviews sites, Clutch analysts speak directly with an agency’s clients and pose questions that result in highly comprehensive reviews. From the overarching business challenge to the services provided and overall management of the project, the reviews reveal insights that can help a company with their growth and brand awareness.

Without the input of our clients, Social Diva would not be able to maintain our reputation in the industry, nor be recognized by Clutch for being a high performer across their directory.

One of our clients, the partner at a brand engagement consultancy spoke with Clutch, and pleased with the overall collaboration, said “the Social Diva Media team understands brand and brand sensitivity…In this regard, the Social Diva Media team is masterful.”

You can read more reviews on our profile that similarly speak to our concrete efforts, skills, and results, highlighting that in all of our partnerships, we are transparent and work closely with the client to bring their business ideas to fruition. Overall, we’re excited by this recognition, as well hopeful that our partnership with Clutch will allow us to reach new buyers and help them to overcome their social media/pr challenges. If you’d like to contact us to chat about your business we’d be happy to hear from you.

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