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As the lines between lifestyle and business become blurred for many personal brands, I often look for ways to optimize time and efforts while having fun. Now that Facebook is offering Facebook Live, it’s the perfect platform to showcase your life and essentially, your personal brand.

In all my years consulting on expert social media strategies, I have kept on top of the latest trends, updates and best practices. Despite the many iterations and algorithm updates on each platform, I still say that at the core of effective social media is authenticity, reliability and approachability.

As people who lead full lives, running entrepreneurial endeavors and juggling many aspects of our own wellbeing (and of those guide to online casinos for canadians we love), we are constantly inspired to share, learn and grow. Hopefully, you are lucky enough to be living your passion. It’s in these moments that you have the greatest opportunity. Sharing, teaching, inspiring and creating value for others is one of the best ways to move business forward.

Your unique advantage is to bring your authentic self (and your experiences) into your social media. You don’t have to overthink it – create compelling content just by sharing your passions, talent and energy. Return to where social media began with transparent communication: between people. This is why I love Facebook Live, it’s raw, authentic, unscripted and it’s happening in real-time.

It takes the power of live TV and lets you broadcast live, and combines it with the interactive capabilities of social media for a very high-touch experience of you and your brand.

How cool is it that you can create a compelling experience for your followers with just an iPhone? Swipe, press, go live!

Enjoying life and building your business don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Creating content in your everyday moments is easier than you think. The way I incorporate my lifestyle into building a personal brand is to share moments that inspire me, and create valuable information and insight to others.

Make social media work for you, don’t work for it. If you can spin it in your favor you’ll be putting out content that speaks to you and then ultimately for others.

Facebook Live is a simple way to interact with others and be the real you. And people love authenticity. Your personality is the brand of your business. Share that with the world and go live!

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