Who are you marketing to?

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Have you thought about who the primary & secondary audience of your brand are? I mean really thought about it?

Sometimes a client comes to us and they say “we are targeting women, all women”. Although this could be true, it would be impossible to set up a targeted marketing campaign to capture all women.

Think about it, in most cases a marketing message to a millennial will be different to a 40 something. So why are you thinking about your social media marketing this way?

Some questions to ask yourself to identify your specific customer would be:
What is the age range I’m trying to reach?
How much money do they make?
What do they do in their spare time?
How do they like to get their information?

Once you take some time to hone in on who your primary audience is, then you can pick a secondary audience. This will help you also with my best practice of Less is More and do less platforms better.

Any questions?

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