6 Apps You May Not Have Heard of That I Live For

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Streaks – Ever think to yourself, I am going to start that on Monday? Or that will be my News Years Resolution? Why wait! If you want to make or break a habit Streaks will count the days with you at any time.

goFlow  – A killer app for sports enthusiasts, I particularly like it for surfing conditions (disclaimer they are also a client) however the app is awesome nonetheless! It’s a way to share the condition reports for your favorite sports to your friends easily. You can share about surf, sup, diving, sailing, golfing and more. It also connects to your social, if you’re feeling generous about sharing out the report.

Dark Sky – Move over Weather Channel, this weather app will let you know based on your Geo location how long and how hard it is going to rain in your current spot. Think sudden heavy rainstorm no umbrella. It’s genius and a shoe saver!

Petcube – Want to play with your cat while you are out of town, or even when you’re stuck at the office and out & about? Petcube makes it possible. You can talk to your furry friend, play with a laser to get their attention and even play with your friend’s pets. It’s also all set up to share socially but of course, it’s more content for your #CatsofInstagram account.

Venmo – This is a quick, easy way to send money without the headache of checks/addresses/banking info. It’s literally as easy as sending a text message, and the person you’re paying (or requesting money from) receives a notification the same day. It’s far better than other online payment systems and allows you to split lunch or get concert tickets with ease.

Periscope – I am thinking you might have heard of this Twitter owned app, it’s popularity in early adaptors is around 10 million users. It allows live feed video streaming. Think broadcasting news without an anchorperson or TV networks. Big things are happening at Periscope. It’s a great way to get information straight from your favorite sources. Go on check it out and follow me while you are there @socialdiva

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