AboutMe (Feature) Why one founder believes in harnessing the Power of Social Media

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Peg Samuel lives and breathes social media.

When Peg’s not teaching a media relations class at NYU, she’s running the company she founded, Social Diva, which helps businesses harness the power of social media. Peg’s also written the book, Facebook Marketing Like I’m 5, to help businesses take advantage of all Facebook has to offer, specifically how the platform can accelerate growth.

Outside of work, Peg finds the time to meditate, surf and enjoy a social activity every night of the week. Although Peg doesn’t reveal all her secrets, she does tell us what it’s like teaching at NYU, where the biggest challenges lie when businesses want to use social media and why she loves our platform.

What does a day in your life look like?
Well, we definitely spend too much time on technology! I wake up, drink water, make coffee, check email, read The Skimm, meditate. Check social, email once more before heading to the office. Once at the office it’s loads of time on the computer, iPhone, client meetings, and photo shoots. If I am out east I like to sneak a surf in either before work or at late “coffee time”. In NYC I tend to have plans every week night of some sort.

We love the name Social Diva (Media) how did it originate?
Our brand has a 15-year history. It originally started as a nickname back in the dot com boom days, I morphed it into a brand in 2000. It has taken on many iterations of a business with the ever changing tech marketplace.

Very interesting! What was most exciting time for Social Diva Media and what are some of your biggest challenges?The best answer to this question is always “right now”. There is so much going on with social media, digital advertising and brand marketing the creative ideas are endless, there is a huge need to harness the power of social media for businesses we really enjoy helping companies do it right. The biggest challenge is mainly resources, businesses do not put enough resources towards digital, even though they know it’s important.

You seem to have a knack for discovering trends and what works in digital marketing before everyone else. How do you stay connected and on top?
It’s easy to stay in the know for me, I’ve got a passion for technology and a great network of smart people around me.

Tell us about your latest book, Facebook Marketing Like I’m 5.
Facebook Marketing Like I’m 5 was written for any business that wants expert help with their Facebook marketing, Facebook is such an important platform and there are so many businesses and personal brands not taking advantage of the power it has to grow their business. We help with expertise broken down into simple language to walk them through the platform.

What’s it like teaching at NYU? What do most students come to learn?
I am so grateful to be able to teach at New York University, it is such a privilege. I teach a grad course called Media Relations Present & Future we really hone in on how important social media is to a brands overall PR mix.

What do you like to do outside of work?
I really try to have a work life balance, if that’s possible, I love to surf, do yoga, meditate and dine out with friends.

Tell us about your experience using about.me. What do you like most about our site?
I love that from a personal brand standpoint someone can utilize it to pull together a professional web based page, on top of that I really like the social aspect of the site and meeting more quality people.

Originally featured on AboutMe https://blog.about.me/2015/10/28/peg-samuel/

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