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When we talk to clients about social media they usually talk about Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but depending on the brands goals the real opportunity could be on Pinterest. Pinterest is the first social platform not only to drive eyeballs but also to convert significant sales.

Pinterest helped put Warby Parker on the map. In May 2012 Warby Parker said, “We saw traffic quadruple from Pinterest” and “Traffic from Pinterest converts at a higher rate than traffic from Facebook and Twitter.” Customers who come to the site via Pinterest actually bought more glasses.

Fast forward to Internet Week May 2013. Scott Galloway (Professor of Marketing, NYU’s Stern School of Business and Founder, L2) spoke about  how new “small data” streams are changing luxury. Galloway noted that Pinterest performs best for home décor, weddings and fashion retail brands.

To illustrate how brands are taking that idea to heart, on August 26 2013, J.Crew’s at-home catalog subscribers won’t be the first to glimpse the brand’s September issue: That honor will fall for the first time to J.Crew’s Pinterest followers, says Lauren Indvik from Mashable.

Pinterest is more than a virtual vision board. It’s an at-home retail shopping mall that users can browse from their couch. Its demographic is mostly women, and Ad Week says women are five times more likely to be on Pinterest than men. With 38% of Pinterest users between the ages of 18-49, it’s a market that won’t be ignored.

Full article was originally published 3 September 2013 on MediaNeedle

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