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I am constantly asked, ‘how do I build my following? How do I get more likes, followers, pinners, and fans? I need a larger audience!’

While these questions reflect an understanding of the value of an audience, they reflect a perspective that needs shifting. Social media thrives on community. It must be a two-way conversation. To create that, you must ENGAGE your audience.

As a brand or branded individual, this means sending out interesting, authentic content on a regular basis.

But don’t stop there. You can’t post and go. You can’t set it and forget it. Would you call someone on the phone, dump a bunch of info, and then hang up? My point exactly.

Here are some ways you can create engaging conversations:

  • Reply in a timely manner to people who are engaged with you on social media;
  • Utilize # searches to find topical conversations that align with your brand;
  • Use Facebook for your brand, and comment on relevant pages;
  • Set up lists in Twitter, and follow your people who you would like to talk to.

When you engage people who like your brand on social media, you will generate more of a following.

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Wishing you #Abundance!

~ Peg

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